My greatest strengths are that I am an active listener and have an empathic nature towards my clients.  I am very patient, honest and tolerable by nature and am able to actively listen without being judgemental and accept people for who they are. I am a caring person who is always willing to help.

I speak fluent Punjabi and understand Hindi and Urdu that could help clients when language is a barrier.  Being an Indian I am familiar with Asian cultures and religious issues that may arise within many communities.  As a counsellor I feel I can contribute considerably because being familiar with various Asian cultures and know the problems and issues that many Asians have young or old.

We are based at centrally located private settings. We realise the importance of how important the environment can be and how well it influences your recovery. We have friendly and relaxing settings where the sessions are conducted. We ensure that you are comfortable before embarking on this holistic journey to recovery.


Free Parking is available.

Emotional problems are being recognized as an issue that no longer can be helped by the intervention of extended families or by ‘going to the doctors’.


I have found this in my work as a counsellor clients are referred for one to one where I have followed the person centered and Cognitive Behavioural approach the presenting issues have been varied from self-harm, hearing voices, many forms of abuse, depression, anxiety,


PTSD to helping clients with assertiveness, building confidence, self-esteem, relationship problems and general support. I place emphasis on the needs of my client and focus on forming a relationship with them after an initial assessment the client starts a therapeutic journey at their pace I follow a person centered approach and cognitive behavioural approach which ever fits best  holistically for the  client.


Once this has been established I focus on all necessary issues and help the client work through them at a comfortable pace. I am a member of the BCAP and follow the code of ethics and treat each client with respect and individuality and upholding confidentiality which is of prime importance.

Diploma in Counselling


EDEXCEL Counselling Professional Development Certificate


RSA Counselling Skills Certificate


Certificate of Proficency Counselling