Is therapy confidential?


The answer is Yes! I would never share your personal information with third parties. I am bound by a code of ethics which is based on the importance of confidentiality. However, in rare exceptions, confidentiality needs to be broken for safety reasons. This is if I have good reason to believe that either the client or someone they speak about is at risk of serious harm (an active suicide plan, for example). Consequently, I am bound to inform the client of their intent to share this information with an appropriate professional. Nevertheless, this would become more apparent during the first counselling session.



How long might I be in therapy?


There is no set time that we could guarantee recovery in. As the therapy is person-centred, it is up to the individual to decide. I work at your pace and take your emotions and circumstances on board before making any recommendations.




What is counselling?


Counselling is going on a therapeutic & holistic journey with a client from problem to solution and through recovery and healing. Counselling is often confused with Social worker’s work and advise-giving. However, these two are entirely different and have different responsibilities and roles in their own respect. Social Worker will address to your social care needs, however, I would address to your psychological needs.




How does it work?


I am a phone call away! After your initial phone call, I would set up a session at your convenience, for an initial assessment. During this assessment, I would discuss your circumstances and issues. Based on them we look at working i.e. frequency of sessions, issues we are working through, etc.




Would I be referred to another health care professional?


I usually do not refer our clients to third parties. However, if you prefer to be referred to a more aimed and specialist service to cater to your needs, then I would more than happy to refer to on to them. Nevertheless, you are in total control of your information and I would need your consent before forwarding your details to any third party.




Would you contact my GP?


I do not necessarily have to contact your GP to begin your counselling sessions with me. However, if you would like your GP to be contacted then I am more than happy to pass your details. Nevertheless, I would again need your permission and consent to go ahead with this service.




Do I need a friend or family to come with me to the counselling sessions?


I leave you to make that decision as I firmly believe that friends and family can act like your anchors and expecting you to go through a different process can be daunting. If, however, during the initial assessment, it may be helpful, but once the sessions have begun, we would recommend for you to attend them on your own. As I believe that this whole process if about you and you only.