Having depression can have a huge effect on a sufferers life. It could result in sufferers waiting a long time to address it making life difficult for them and their loved ones.





It is normal and healthy to feel sad or worried about life and its problems and pressures. But when it stops a sufferer with their everyday life it them becomes a issue





Many relationships have the potential to be abusive, abuse comes in many forms Financial, Physical, Mental and Verbal.



Mental Health


Mental health sufferers can be affected by a number of things, hoarding, self harm, eating disorders, low self esteem and confidence issues.





Relationships are a very meaningful part of our lives when communication or other factors affect relationships they breakdown causing anxiety and stress.



Anger Management


Anger management will help sufferers turn negative anger into healthy anger.




Ethnic/Cultural Issues


I speak fluent Punjabi and understand Hindi and Urdu that could help clients when language is a barrier.  Being an Indian I am familiar with Asian cultures and religious issues that may arise within many communities.  As a counsellor I feel I can contribute considerably because being familiar with various Asian cultures and know the problems and issues that many Asians have young or old.



Young professionals


In today's modern society many young professional have the pressure and desire to achieve and sometimes due to deep rooted issues become ‘stuck’ I can support to break goals into small achievable tasks, time management and helping provide a comfortable balance of work and leisure